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What Type Are the Members of the Royal Family?

From Queen Elizabeth to Princess Diana - let's profile the Royal Family!

The Royal Family has been in the news quite a bit lately!

Ever wonder why some family members seem to thrive contently in their roles, while it’s much harder for others? I have insight on why that may be—and it all comes back to their Types! Together, let’s go through each family member and Type them. I bet you’ll get a deeper understanding and have some fun while you’re at it!

If you’re new to my body of work, Energy Profiing, you’re going to love learning more about it.

I teach that there are 4 Energy Types, and each person expresses a dominant Type. This Type influences everything in their world, from behavior tendencies, preferences, body language, and even facial features. Brand new to Facial Profiling? Watch my videos below!

Things become so much more interesting when you know someone’s Type.

Today, we’re going to profile the most primary members of the Royal Family!

(1:30) – First, let’s look at all their pictures and you can guess which Type you think they are. Keep track of your guesses on a piece of paper or in a note on your phone.

Ready for the answers? Find out if you’re right!

(4:51) – Queen Elizabeth – Type 4/2

(6:50) – Prince Philip – Type 1/3

(8:02) – Princess Margaret – Type 3

(9:24) – Prince Charles – Type 1/2

(10:24) – Princess Diana – Type 2/4

(12:00) – Camilla – Type 4

(12:45) – Prince William – Type 2/4

(13:26) – Princess Kate – Type 4/2

(13:55) – Prince Harry – Type 1/3

(14:14) – Meghan – Type 3/1

How many did you get correct? Do you and any of the Royal Family members share the same Energy Type?

If you’re not sure of your Type, I invite you to check out the Free Beginner’s Guide to Energy Profiling to discover your Energy Type and how you move throughout the world.

Start your free Beginner’s Guide here!


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