Are you looking for a way to add fresh energy to your hairstyle? There are plenty of youthful, vibrant options for a woman over age 50 for all lengths, colors, textures, and hair styles.

Start by determining which of the 4 Energy Types you are. This will help you understand your specific Type of beauty and how your unique energy matches certain hairstyles better than others.

We made it easy to find the best hairstyles for women over 50 that will work for you based on your Energy Type. Just take the 9-question quiz to get your results.

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With this in mind, read on to learn more about how hair changes over time, how to pick a hairstyle that energizes you, and which products will keep your new style in salon-quality shape. If you’re interested in fashion, check out my best tips for women to over 50.

Changes in Hair When You Hit 50

As we age, our hair goes through many stages. Baby hair is extremely fine and wispy, and teenage hair tends to be thick and fast-growing. During early adulthood and into middle age, the texture and look of our hair may evolve as we experience life stage changes, pregnancy, hormonal shifts, and more.

By the time we reach our 50s, our hair is entering a slower-growing phase and may begin to thin out. The texture can also become more coarse and wiry than before.

Women over age 50 often notice that their hair lays differently and won’t hold a style as easily as it used to. Curling or straightening the hair may be more difficult to accomplish, and we might feel hesitant to use heated tools on our delicate locks.

To Color, or Not to Color?

With age, our hair often loses pigmentation, resulting in a lighter or changing color. If we choose not to dye our hair, it may have streaks of gray or white. Some women develop a gorgeous salt-and-pepper blend that can include strands of black, brown, grey, and white hair.

These changes are part of what makes us beautiful as we age. Every woman’s aging hair is part of her signature look, a crowning glory that says, “I am a bold, confident older woman.”

In fact, many women look terrific without a hint of dyed color in their hair. Steely grey might look quite sophisticated on you. If you have a bold strip of white, incorporate it right into your style and show it off.

You may have even noticed that grey hair is quite trendy right now. Tones of silver, grey, and white are having a moment of popularity among young Millennials and Generation Z. These women head to the salon for your difficult-to-achieve tone, often paying upwards of $200 for a beautiful silver or white.

If you choose to dye your hair, we strongly encourage you to watch the free Dressing Your Truth Beginner’s Guide. It will provide much-needed insight into your special type of beauty to ensure your next step in hair color matches the woman inside you.

Tips to Get Great Hairstyles for Women Over 50

When you’re ready for a fresh hairstyle, the choices can be overwhelming. You don’t want to look too boring, but you don’t want to choose something that feels too extreme either. You need something that looks great at work and family gatherings but also makes you feel attractive on date night.

Here are some tips for selecting a new hairstyle that feels just right:

Match your hairstyle to your specific Type of beauty. Every woman expresses one of the 4 Energy Types . Her facial features, body language, and overall energy will match certain hairstyles better than others.

For fine hair, go shorter. In general, it’s better to try a short to medium-length version of a bob haircut if you have fine hair. A cheeky pixie cut looks great on a fine-haired woman.

For thinning hair, focus on the roots. Choose a style that adds volume at the roots, and you’ll give the impression of overall thick hair. Other options for thin hair include a bob hairstyle and pixie styles that subtly highlight your face.

In some cases, bangs look youthful. Bangs often make us look younger, echoing the free-wheeling style of an adorable girl with face-framing bangs. They also have the side effect of distracting the eye from facial lines, although we encourage every woman to wear her well-earned wrinkles with pride.That said, bangs aren’t for everyone. It all depends on your Energy Type and the style you choose.

Choose the cut type that’s right for your energy Type. For Type 2 and Type 4 women, hairstyles usually look best when they are formed with clean, simple lines and a bit of softness. These types should avoid messy and edgy lines. Alternately, asymmetrical and edgy lines work really well on a Type 1 or Type 3, respectively. Your stylist can help you find a cut that suits you!

The Best Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Google “age 50 hair” or “hairstyles for women over 50” and you’ll be astounded at the number of results you’ll find. There are tens of thousands of options for every hair color, hair texture, and length.

To make things a little easier, let’s take a look at an array of haircut and hairstyle options we know are working for women over 50. You’ll see these stylish looks on celebrities around the world and on women who have experienced the life-changing power of Dressing Your Truth.

Browse the gallery below and think about how these styles could match your specific Type of beauty. Which of these hairstyles for women over 50 feels right to you?

Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

A short haircut can bring feelings of energy, vitality, and a sense of renewal. If you’ve never tried a short hairstyle before, entering your 50s can be a great time to explore it for the first time. Short haircuts are so much fun.

Barbara took years off her appearance by going from red to blonde and freeing herself from more than 8 inches of hair.

Marcy was determined to avoid “old lady hair” and found a short haircut that suited her youthful nature.

Andrea’s blunt, asymmetrical parted bob matches her bold Type 4 personality.

Look at that smile! Lisa was tired of feeling “practical” and shed several inches of hair to find this spunky short hair.

MaryLynn ended a lifetime of feeling held back by the opinions of others when she went from long to short hair.

Here’s a spiky blend between a pixie and a layered bob cut that shows off the shine of her silver hair.

Susan‘s short hairstyle shows the impact of taking off just some careful snips here and there to create a short and sophisticated style.

Medium Length Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Medium-length hair is an excellent choice for millions of women. There’s so much flexibility in this length, from a chin-length layered bob to curly hair with soft waves that cascade all the way down to the shoulders. Here are some inspiring ideas.

Deborah, who is a Type 4 Dressing Your Truth Expert, eliminated years of hair shame she experienced as a mixed-race woman by finding her ideal chin-length hairstyle.

You can tell Judy feels HOT with her wavy new face-framing style that looks just right with her glasses and jewelry.

With this look, Holly blends her primary Energy Type with her secondary type, creating a balanced style that suits her perfectly.

Robin was tired of over 50 options that seemed dull and bland. Her new look is bouncy and matches her lively energy.

Sherri felt forgotten by the fashion world until she found a cut that matched the fierce fashion style still brimming within her.

Longer Hairstyles for Women Over 50

If you choose to go long, we encourage you to keep the length not too long. A medium to long hairstyle is usually the best fit for women over 50. Here are some beautiful options that combine a longer length with style and movement.

Roxanne’s face-framing layers, which drift past her shoulders, make a visual connection to the brightly-colored clothing she loves.

Jillee, a lifestyle blogger, was a bit nervous about taking some length off her long blonde locks, but a careful trim made a world of difference.

Michelle went from coloring her hair embracing her gray hair in an inspiring Type 2 hair makeover.

Michelle’s mid-long hair somehow looked longer after it was cut, due to precise layering of her stunning silvery curls.

Selecting the right length and cut are based around your Type of beauty and knowing which of the 4 Energy Types suits you best. With a bit of thought and guidance, you’ll select a fresh new style that makes you feel like you.

Types of Cuts and Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Wondering which cut to discuss with your stylist at the salon? Let’s take a look at the names and styles of some of the common cuts for women over 50.

Short Pixie Cut

A pixie haircut is named after the sprightly fairies of the enchanted world. It’s quite flattering for a woman over 50 and brings fresh, lively energy that highlights your beautiful bone structure. Pixie cuts come in many forms. Work with your stylist to choose the shape and face-framing touches that suit your Type of beauty.

Blonde Pixie

If you’re blonde or considering going blonde, a pixie cut can really show off the brightness of your hair. A short pixie look is a great choice for dyed blonde hair because it removes any length that might be a bit damaged from processing.

Grey Pixie

We adore the drama and sophistication of a grey pixie cut for short hair. It highlights the silvery tones of the hair and makes you shine from the inside out. A grey pixie is a terrific choice for a woman who is going grey gracefully and needs to free herself from a length of grown-out dyed hair.

Wavy Long Pixie

When a pixie cut has a bit more length, or includes some subtle waves, it adds a dramatic flair to your entire look. As evidence, take a look at actress Rita Moreno’s cut which has a bit more length than a traditional pixie. It draws your attention straight to her eyes and smile.

Short Bob With Long Bangs

Raquel Welch wears a glamorous short bob with thick, long bangs that flutter across her eyebrows. This look includes longer pieces at the temples and in front of the ears, which adds extra sophistication to the style.

Chin-Length Bob With Bangs

A chin-length style with bangs looks like a modern and youthful hairstyle. It also offers huge flexibility to curl your hair and wear it in pin curls. Helen Mirren sports this style, and it shows off her gleaming white-silver locks full of gentle curls.

Long Bob

Bob hairstyles are extremely versatile. There are short bobs, long bobs, and everything in-between. This long bob, often referred to as a “lob,” look features the beautiful, thick texture of her hair and prevents the hair from seeming too heavy. A long bob is a perfect choice for a woman who wants some length on her hair but doesn’t want to feel weighed down.

Layered Bob

A bob looks great when it’s layered to add extra texture and movement. This bob avoids being overly blunt, which might not work with some women’s soft energy. The layered hair frames the face gracefully for a gentle look.

Wavy Bob

If your hair has some waves, consider a wavy bob that encourages a free-form and flowing hairstyle. Your waves look stylish and stay under control, but add movement and glamour to your look.

Shattered Bob

A shattered bob is a piece-y, sculpted form of a long bob that may be angled or formed with multiple layers. It is typically done on straight hair to slightly wavy hair, where the choppy layering will allow maximum movement as the woman moves through her world. It’s a stunning look.

Tightly-Curled Stacked Bob

If you have naturally tightly-curled hair or are thinking about returning to natural curls after years of relaxing, consider a short stacked natural curly bob that respects the energy of your tight curls.

Shoulder Length Bob

If you love the look of a bob but want something longer, a medium-length bob can be a great option. It borrows the styled look of a bob and adds a few more inches, creating a cascading effect down to the shoulders.

Shoulder Length Layers

Many women who start with blunt shoulder-length hair opt to change to shoulder-length layers instead. This is a great choice if you have all-one-length hair that lacks movement or style. Ramp up your energy with layers that flatter your body and face, like model and actress Christie Brinkley .

Wispy Bangs

Almost any style, except for bold, blunt styles, can benefit from the addition of some wispy bangs and pieces around the face. It adds softness and draws attention to your facial features. However, wisps are at risk of becoming frizzy, so be sure to use proper styling products that make maintaining them a breeze.

Long Side-Swept Bangs

We can’t say enough positive things about the power of side-swept bangs. They’re glamorous, flattering, easy to maintain, and even a bit mysterious. Add side-swept bangs to any cut, and you pump up the style of your entire look.

Straight Side-Swept Bangs

Actress Angela Bassett has straight, mid-length dark hair with straight bangs that are brushed gently to the side. This look gives her great flexibility in creating up-dos and bouffants that look good on the red carpet, and it’s a look you can recreate for the events in your life.

Long Hair With Waves and Layers

If long hair fits your Energy Type and makes you feel like you, try adding some layers and texture. It can add some va-va-voom and make you look more thoughtful and put-together. We love this long, wavy look that echoes the flow of the seashore.

Face-Framing Cut

Any style of any length can benefit from some face-framing touches. When your locks frame your face, they draw attention to your eyes, smile, or whatever you consider your best feature. This inspires confidence that puts a happy spring in every step.

Deep Side Part

A deep side part works beautifully in fine hair and thinning hair. It adds visual volume to the top of the hair and creates an asymmetrical style that may feel right for your Energy Type. Deep parts draw attention to the eye and eyebrow on the parted side, as well as your gorgeous cheekbones and smile.

Blonde Hair

Women over 50 sometimes wonder if they should try to achieve blonde hair, keep maintaining blonde hair, or go white blonde naturally as their hair changes. Whichever route you choose, we encourage you to work with a stylist who is very familiar with aging hair and will protect your locks with the proper products and techniques.

Dyed Hair

Considering coloring your hair? If so, start with the Dressing Your Truth Beginner’s Guide first. This will help you develop a palette of colors that suit you so you select a hair color that fits right in with your personal spectrum.

Two-Tone Hair

Two-toned hair can be natural or colored, with many options and variations. Perhaps you have a beautiful streak of white, or your hair naturally grows much darker underneath than on top. A great way to feature a two-toned look is with a chic shoulder-length look like investigative reporter Hank Phillippi Ryan.

Natural Gray

If you have naturally gray hair, choose a style that works with the somewhat coarser texture that usually comes with gray hair. There are many terrific hair products that help you highlight your hair’s natural texture and keep it feeling sleek and stylish.

Natural White

Naturally-white hair needs tender loving care because it can be brittle or thin. But wow – what a beautiful color. Show it off with a carefully sculpted hairstyle that respects the texture of the hair and suits your Type of beauty. As an example, take a look at Meryl Streep ‘s sophisticated style, which is actually quite short but has maximum fullness and volume on top.

Curls and Waves

If you have natural curls or waves, let them shine with a haircut designed especially for you. Many women over 50 find it is a relief to stop trying to tame naturally curly hair and allow it to flow free for the first time in their lives.

Multidimensional Brunette

Multidimensional hair is hair with various layers and levels of color. It gives the impression of depth into the hair, which supports a feeling of movement and energy. Many brunettes and redheads have naturally multidimensional hair because if you look closely, their hair is made up of varying tones of their natural color. Multidimensional color can also be created in a salon by dying the hair.

Blonde and Colored Highlights

Subtle highlights look wonderful on women over 50 because they respect the natural beauty of your hair while drawing the eye toward your face. Blonde highlights tend to look best on naturally light brown to medium brown hair, and more richly-hued highlights work well in dyed or naturally darker hair. Work with a stylist who understands the right products to use on hair for women who are over 50.

Custom Cut By Face Shape

Sometimes a hairstyle doesn’t have a specific name or style to follow because it was custom-designed to suit you. In this case, work with your stylist to consider your face shape, Energy Type, and lifestyle needs to select something that’s uniquely you.

Maintaining Hairstyle

Okay, you’ve selected a new style, and you’re sporting your new ‘do. Congratulations! You’ve successfully chosen a new hair look that’s putting a bounce in your step.

Now it’s time to maintain it with a customized set of techniques and products. Here are a few tips for maintaining your new style:

Never skimp on the right products and styling tools. Keep hair from being flat or frizzy by investing in hair care products that keep your locks looking fresh from the salon.

If you’re going grey, do it gracefully. Take a peek at our going grey tutorial, which shows how to handle the process with style, step by step.

Avoid falling back into a rut. Explore Carol’s salon tips for ensuring every visit is a pleasure and staying out of the hairstyle rut.

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There are many options for hairstyles for women over 50. Let’s get you looking and feeling incredible with a new hairstyle you’ll love!

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