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Narrowed Down My Energy Type to 2 Options – But Now I’m Stuck!

5 questions to help you determine your Type correctly

So you’ve narrowed down your Energy Type to two options—but now you’re stuck.

You feel like you could be a 50/50 split. How do you know for sure which one to go with?

In the world of Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth, I teach that there are 4 Types of people. It’s all based on your natural movement, facial features, and body language! The first step is discovering which one you are, but this is where some women get stuck.

Let’s talk about the 5 questions to ask yourself when you find yourself in this situation:

I go into depth and detail about why each of these questions and resources are so important. If you’re skipping any of them, that’s why you’re stuck!

(1:09) – Question #1: Do you understand Face Profiling & are you using it as your #1 assessment tool? Make sure you really understand it and are applying it accurately with your own face!

(2:55) – Question #2: Have you read It’s Just My Nature and The Child Whisperer?

(4:08) – Question #3: Are you a member of the Type-Specific Facebook Groups? Find out how to join them as a bonus of purchasing a Style Kit.

(7:00) – Question #4: Are you believing a Type Myth? You might have an exaggerated misunderstanding of a Type that’s blocking you from seeing your true Type! Watch these videos to learn more about this:

(8:03) – Question #5: Are you a part of my Lifestyle program? This inexpensive membership has such a high value no matter what, but especially if you’re determining between two Types. You simply have to learn more about each of the Types! It’s not just about style and fashion, but more about who you are and understanding yourself.

Join Lifestyle today!

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